Welcome to the Durham Invasion Science (DISc) Lab!

Our lab’s research is focused on understanding the causes and consequences of invasions, and how best to prevent them. A lot of our research involves invasive plants, and in particular we seek to understand how biotic interactions drive plant invasions and result in their impacts.

Our work with a more applied focus often involves developing, testing and enhancing approaches that allow us to predict the risk of species introduction and invasion in new regions and communities, especially in a changing climate.

We work on multiple species and systems (see Projects), and at multiple ecological scales (from individual plants to the whole globe).

We are based in the Department of Biosciences at Durham University, in the northeast of England, and work closely with colleagues in the Conservation Ecology Group. We conduct our research in the UK and beyond, with national and international collaborations.

To find out more about us, see the People page; to find out more about our project findings, see Publications. For info about recent success and activities, check out News!

Solidago gigantea (Giant Goldenrod), invading fields by the River Wear, County Durham (credit: Wayne Dawson).

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